Miso Soup $2
Clear Soup $2
Spicy Seafood Miso Soup $6
Vegetable Soup $4


Green Salad $4
Avocado Salad $5
Seaweed Salad $5
Kani Salad $5
Chicken & Avocado Salad $7
Grilled chicken,avocado,fried onions,spring mix,and cherry tomatoes
Duck Salad $7
Wasabi Tuna Salad $8
House Seafood Salad $8

Kitchen Appetizers

Edamame $5
Shrimp Shumai $5
Vegetable Gyoza $6
Pork Gyoza $6
Grill Squid $9
B-B-Q Whole Squid w.teriyaki sauce
Harumaki $5
Beef Negimaki $9
Thinly sliced steak wrapped w.scallion
Fried Oyster $8
Vegetable Tempura $6
Shrimp & Vegetable $8
Fried Shrimp Avocado Roll $8
Crab Cake $9
Lump crab,avocado with creamy tartar sauce
Crispy Crab Shumai $8
Asparagus Shrimp $8
Agedashi Tofu $6
Philly Cheese Steak Roll (Crispy) $9
Beef,onion,scallion,garlic and cheese
Chicken Lettuce Wrap $9
Mince chicken ,scallion,celery,pepper and onion in homemade pineapple hoisin sauce
Fried Calamari $10
Crispy fried squid with spicy mango salsa
Rock Shrimp $10
Signature tempura shrimp tossed with yummy yummy dressing

Sushi Appetizers

Spicy Tuna & Mango Tartar $9
Daily Fish Carpaccio $10
Chef choice of daily freshest fish w.chef special sauce
Yellowtail Jalapeno $8
Untouchable Salmon $8
Baked cream cheese and snow crab wrapped w.seared salmon,dressed with pineapple miso sauce
Vietnamese Wrap $8
Tuna,mango ,avocado Jalapeno and spicy kani w.rice paper topped with tomato dressing
Crispy Duck Roll $9
Roast duck,avocado and mix greens wrapped w.scallion pancake
Seafood Cannoli $7
Cream cheese,scallop,crab,shrimp,scallion,and eel sauce
Heart Attack $7
Crab,salmon,cheddar cheese,cream cheese,jalapeno,and mushrooms wrapped in tempura,served with eel sauce and spicy mayo
Japanese Nachos $7
Dry Crispy seaweed,avocado,onions ,and shiso leaves
Money Bag $9
Tuna wrap in avocado with wasabi yuzu suace
Dancing Eel $12
Spicy crab,avocado wrap in soy paper topped with whole piece salt water eel,nikko eel sauce

Roll/Hand Roll

Alaska Roll $6
California Roll $5
Philadelphia Roll $6
Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon with Crunch $6
Eel Avocado or Eel Cucumber Roll $6
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7
Chicken Tempura Roll $7
Soft Shell Crab Roll $8
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $6
Boston Roll $6
Tuna Avocado or Cucumber Roll $5
Cucumber Roll $4
Avocado Roll $4
Vegetable Roll $4
Salmon Skin Roll $5
Sweet Potato Roll $4
Tuna Roll $5
Salmon Roll $5
Yellowtail w.Scallion Roll $5
Avocado Cucumber Roll $4
Shrimp Avocado Roll $5
Dragon Roll $9
Eel,cucumber w.avocado on top
Rainbow Roll $9
Crabmeat,cucumber & avocado topped w.tuna,salmon & red snapper

Sushi Entrees

Sushi Set $23
9 pcs of sushi & 1 california roll
Sashimi Set $25
18 pcs of sashimi
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $25
5 pcs of sushi & 9 pcs of sashimi & 1 california roll
Dinner Roll Combo $13
California,tuna avocado and salmon avocado
Spicy Roll Combo $15
Spicy tuna,spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail
Unagi Don $18
Grilled eel and japanese pickle w.eel sauce over a bed of sushi rice
Vegetable Sushi Dinner $15
7 pcs of vegetable sushi and cucumber avocado roll
Sushi for 2 $45
20 pcs of sushi & 1 fairfield roll & 1 california roll
Sushi & Sashimi for 2 $50
9 pcs of sushi & 15 pcs of sashimi & 1 fairfield roll & 1 california roll
Chirashi $19
12 pcs of assorted slice fishes over sushi rice

A La Carte Sushi / Sashimi

Priced sushi 1 pc per order / Sashimi 2 pcs per order

Raw Fish
Tuna $3
Salmon $3
Yellowtail $3
Striped Bass $3
Fluke $3
White Tuna $3
Smoked Salmon $3
Tobiko (Red/Black/Yuzu) $4
Salmon Roe $3
Spanish Mackerel $3
Mackerel $3
Toro (Fatty Tuna) M.P.

Eel $3
Egg Omelet $2
Inari (Bean Curd) $2
Anago (Sea Eel) $4
Octopus $3

Sweet Shrimp $5
Uni (Sea Urchin) M.P.
Shrimp $2
Squid $3
Scallop $4

Signature Roll

Something Wrong $13
Chef’s special w.your own creation ,maximum 3 ingredients
Fairfield Roll $13
Spicy tuna,crunch inside topped with avocado served with spicy mayo ,eel sauce & crunch
Crazy Mama Roll $15
Lobster tempura wrapped paper topped w.spicy tuna,spicy mayo & cilantro tartar sauce
Super Volcano $17
Fried snow crab,avocado wrapped in soy paper topped w.baked scallop,shrimp,crab
Godzilla Roll $14
Shrimp tempura and cucumber topped w.eel,strawberry dressed w.eel & hot chili sauce
Angry Bird $13
Shrimp tempura,avocado topped w.spicy crab
Amazing Tuna $15
White tuna tempura & spicy tuna,top with pepper tuna scallion & tobiko
Foxy Lady $15
Calamari tempura,asparagus & avocado inside,topped with spicy tuna & jalapeno slices
Pink Lady $13
Shrimp tempura,avocado,spicy tuna wrapped in soy paper
Out of Control Roll $13
Spicy crab with cucumber topped w.spicy tuna and sliced mango
Nikko Roll $15
Tuna,salmon,yellowtail shrimp,avocado,cucumber & masago
Crazy Monkey Roll $13
Shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped w.fried banana yummy yummy sauce
Pop Steak Roll $13
Premium steak ,sweet potato ,asparagus,mushrooms,cheddar cheese & onions,topped with teriyaki sauce
Godzilla 2nd Generation $11
Crab,salmon,tuna and avocado deep fried ,topped with spicy mayo,eel sauce & caviar
Spicy Gril $13
Crab tempura jalapeno,cucumber topped w.spicy salmon,crunch and spicy eel sauce
Angel $13
Spicy salmon,shrimp tempura ,mango,avocado ,roe wrapped w.seasame white soybean and eel sauce
Black “N “Pink $13
Shrimp tempura ,avocado topped w.crabmeat,black tobiko,special eel sauce & yummy sauce
Sweet Plus $13
Shrimp tempura and avocado topped spicy tuna and tempura flakes & eel sauce
Sexy Nikko $15
Shrimp tempura,spicy tuna topped w.tuna, salmon,avocado and spicy eel sauce
Lobster Rock and Roll $18
Lobster tempura,eel avocado and spring mixed,w.eel & mango sauce.Side w.lobster tempura,eel sauce & sweet miso sauce


Yaki Udon
Stir fried Udon
Vegetable $10
Chicken $12
Beef $13
Shrimp $13

Pad Thai Noodle
Thai rice noodle stir fry with bean curd ,egg,sweet radish,scallion bean sprout,crush peanut and fresh lime wedge in homemade tamarind pad thai sauce
Chicken $12
Shrimp $16

Ramen or Udon
All ramen entree serve with vegetables,scallion,egg & fish cake

Soup Base:
•Shoyu Classic chicken broth & soy tare
•Tonkotsu In our traditional pork broth & soy tare
•Miso Classic chicken broth & miso tare
•Spicy Miso Classic chicken broth, miso tare & roasted chili oil

Chashu $13
Chicken $13
Shrimp $15
Beef $15
Vegetables $12


Kitchen Entrees

Yuzu Filet Mignon $22
Grilled filet mignon w.sauteed vegetables on the side
Grilled Angus Steak $20
Wasabi mashed potato, steamed broccoli & black pepper sauce
Miso Salmon $19
Sauteed broccoli & eggplant with miso glaze
Pan-Seared Shrimp & Scallop $23
Asparagus,shrimp & scallop w.chef special sauce
Sesame Crust Tuna $27
Seared sesame tuna,asian vegetables,shitake mushroom & sesame soy vinaigrette
Surf and Turf $25
Grilled filet mignon, shrimp w.sauteed vegetables on the side
Land & Sea $28
Grilled filet mignon, Lobster tail w.sauteed vegetables on the side
King of the Sea $36
Grilled scallops, lobster tail, shrimp w.sauteed vegetables on the side.

Teriyaki Dinner
Sauteed seasonal vegetables with homemade teriyaki sauce
Chicken $15
Salmon $17
Shrimp $17
Steak $17

Side Order

White Rice $1
Fried Rice $3
Brown Rice $2
Noodles $4
Vegetables $5

Hibachi Dinner

Served with fried noodles,vegetables and shrimp appetizers on the side.
Come with clear soup,salad and white rice (Fried rice add $2, Gluten-free soy sauce add $3 )
Vegetables $15
Chicken $17
Squid $18
Salmon $18
Steak (NY Strip) $22
Black Cod $20
Red Snapper $20
Tuna $24
Shrimp $20
Sea Scallop $21
Filet Mignon $24
Lobster Tail $29

Hibachi Dinner for Kid (Age 10 and Under)

Served with fried noodles,vegetables and shrimp appetizers on the side.
Come with clear soup or salad and white rice (Fried rice add $2, Gluten free soy sauce add $3 )

Vegetables $9
Chicken $11
Steak (NY Strip) $13
Shrimp $13
Sea Scallop $14
Salmon $13
Squid $13

Hibachi Combinations

Served with fried noodles,vegetables and shrimp appetizers on the side.
Come with clear soup,salad and white rice (Fried rice add $2, Gluten free soy sauce add $3 )
A.Chicken w.
Squid $19
Steak (NY Strip) $21
Filet Mignon $23
Salmon $20
Shrimp $21
Scallop $22
Lobster Tail $27
Tuna $24
B.Steak (NY Strip) w.
Squid $21
Salmon $25
Shrimp $25
Scallop $26
Lobster Tail $30
Tuna $28
C.Shrimp w.
Squid $22
Scallop $24
Salmon $23
Lobster Tail $28
Tuna $26
D.Filet Mignon w.
Squid $26
Scallop $28
Salmon $28
Tuna $30
Lobster Tail $32

Hibachi Dynasty Combinations

Served with fried noodles,vegetables and shrimp appetizers on the side.
Come with clear soup,salad and white rice (Fried rice add $2, Gluten-free soy sauce add $3 )
E.Combo A $30
Chicken, Steak and Shrimp
F.Combo B $34
Filet Mignon, Scallop and Shrimp
G.Seafood Delight $35
Shrimp, Scallop and Lobster
H.Nikko Deluxe $46
Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Lobster and Scallop

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness,especially if you have certain medical condition.